Automatic Air Inflator

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Product Overview


  • EMERGENCY FLAT TIRE REPAIR-with the built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery,it can pump the tire without connecting external power cord. Coming with usb plug.USB charging cable allows you to use any power supply with USB charging port to charge the air inflator. You don't need to find a suitable adapter.

  • FAST CHARGING AND INFLATING-takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge the unit.The bicycle tires take about 2 minutes each and the motorcycle tires take about 3 minutes each to fully inflate.Maximum pressure is 150Psi.

  • AUTO-OFF TO PROTECT THE TIRE-set the desired pressure and the air compressor automatically shuts off when that pressure is reached. This multifunctional electric air pump also can monitor the air pressure.

  • EASY TO READ-two LED LIGHTS and LCD digital display with backlight, it is easy to read the digital even pumping during night. LCD will show you the currect pressure value when the air inflator connects the inflatable object suceessfully. Four Air pressure units :PSI、Bar、KPa、Kg/cm2.

  • EASY TO USE-The inflator is easy to use,just power it on,select the nozzle you need and adjust it to the desired inflation PSI,attach the nozzle and the unit inflates the tire to that point and automatically shuts off.


1.Size: 55mm×45mm×198mm

2.Weight: 453g

3.Battery capacity: 500mAh×4

4.Voltage: 15V

5.Current: 5A

6.Charging mode: USB

7.Charging time: 2 hours

8.Inflate efficiency: Inflate a 26-1.95 mountain bicycle tire from 0 PSI to 60 PSI in 2 minutes

9.Max inflating pressure: 150PSI  10.3BAR  990KPA  10.5kgf/cm2

10.Operation temperature: -20℃~+60℃